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AVFH Cover [NEW_Aug_23] Color

A Voice from Heaven:

From Earthly Struggles to Thriving in the Afterlife

The astonishing account of how a mother connected with her deceased son, and the mind-blowing revelations he shared about life after death.

When Cindy Girman got the news that her 22-year-old son had died from an overdose, the shock and grief consumed her like she herself was on the precipice of death. Weeks turned into months of agonizing questions over where exactly her beloved Alec’s soul had gone, and worry that he was lost and alone.

Near the first anniversary of his death, Cindy, who had never had any prior psychic experience, was awestruck when she began receiving direct communications from the other side. Written in his voice, she shares the intimate details of Alec’s experience and the insights he passed on during the eight weeks they spent co-writing this book.

You’ll learn the answer to questions like:

  • What does life look like on the other side?

  • Can we explore other universes and dimensions?

  • What role do spirits play?

  • How do we spend our time on the other side?

  • And most importantly, What is the purpose for humans living a physical life on earth?

  • If you’ve ever wondered what happens when we die, are curious about the spiritual realm, or are still grappling with profound grief over the loss of a loved one, the revelations from Alec were meant to reach you.


A bridge between two realms, the intimate transcendental messages from a son in spirit to his mother on earth finally connect the dots that have remained a mystery throughout time —And bring profound understanding and comfort to the part of us that knows there must be something more.

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Image by Mikołaj
Image by Mikołaj

“...a compelling narrative filled with deep emotions, spiritual insights, and a celebration of the human capacity for growth and transformation.”

P. Pandev, OnlineBookClub

“The book is one-of-a-kind, passionate, motivating, and an emotional rollercoaster.”

Q. Glory, OnlineBookClub

“It is a mother's journey through grief, heartbreak, and the quest to understand the afterlife.” 

Pav, OnlineBookClub

“A vivid picture of the afterlife and…a glimpse into the profound love and connection that transcend death.  It serves as a source of comfort and inspiration for those who have experienced loss and seeks to uplift readers with the belief in an eternal spiritual connection that transcends physical boundaries.”

J. Chiomaa, OnlineBookClub

“A fascinating story of spiritual reconnection and transcendental conversations between a grief-stricken mother and her dearly loved son in the afterlife.”

R. Oketch, OnlineBookClub

“A titillating, emotional, and extravagant view of the afterlife, human purpose, love, family, and life. It rattles the cages of what we know life to be and forces us to examine our preconceived notions of what the afterlife could be. I found myself enthralled from start to finish. It captivated me in such a way that I lost myself in all the possibilities of the world, the afterlife, and life beyond the realm humans can perceive. I'm transfixed, and my beliefs have been radically shaken. I've been left with a soothing feeling of having glimpsed profound knowledge…”

Tschepsyt, OnlineBookClub

“...powerful and eloquent writing… Prepare to be moved by the authors' vulnerability, transparency, and unwavering passion.”

Penfold (AuthorsReading) Review

“This is a beautiful story of tragedy and loss, love and faith, and the magic of discovering the afterlife. After the devasting death of her son, a grieving mother finds solace through a spiritual connection with him. Their journey together is one of love and learning.”

KATHERINE HARRIS, Biostatistical Consultant

"This precious book brings shivers of familiarity and hope to those whose loved ones have passed or suffer from disease, addiction or mental health illness. You can feel the anticipatory grief in the parents’ journey, then the hope of the afterlife is palpable. A son and his mother connect beyond time and space to share one thing more clearly, more fully than they every could in physical life – Love. "

BETSY GORNET, Healthcare Management Executive Consultant 

"Following the drug-induced death of her brilliant young son, the author recounts a mother's spiritual journey to a place of comfort, peace, and love -- made possible by a telepathic connection with her son, who reveals beautiful images of heaven and assurance of his personal well-being in the afterlife.  "

JOHN EVANS, Retired Ad Agency Executive and Attorney

"A mother’s cathartic confessional of her unrelenting quest to make peace with her son’s unexpected passing. Gut-wrenchingly honest, bravely depicted, and painful at times, her child’s years-long drug use and ultimate death is disturbing, yet poignant reading. The authors' interpretation of the afterlife is provocative food for thought. The book's unspoken call to action is: Forgive, as God forgives us. God is love; therefore, seek God."

NURISELL NUÑEZ, Graphic Designer

"A Voice from Heaven is a captivating book about love and the beauty of heaven. This book is a gift to those who have suffered the tragic loss of a loved one."

ETHEL LUCIUS, Retired Kindergarten Teacher

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