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Cindy Girman - Author of "A Voice From Heaven"

Cindy Girman

Cindy Girman is the founder of a consulting firm that works with pharmaceutical companies to generate more efficient and meaningful evidence on how medicines work. She holds a Doctor of Public Health in biostatistics with an emphasis on epidemiology from the University of North Carolina (UNC) and is a fellow of the International Society of Pharmacoepidemiology. Cindy and her husband are collaborating with researchers at UNC on non-pharmacological transcranial alternating current stimulation as a treatment for substance use disorder, a keen interest of theirs.


Cindy and Tom enjoy travel, especially safari and exotic birds, and spending time with friends and family. They are incredibly proud of their daughter Vera, a fashion photographer and art director for photoshoots.

Alexander (Alec) Girman

Alec Girman

Alexander “Alec” V. Girman, 22, of Durham, passed away at his home on October 20, 2021. He is the son of Thomas Paul and Cynthia Johnson Girman. Alec was born in Slavsk, near Kaliningrad, Russia, on June 21, 1999. He was adopted by his parents on February 14, 2000, and became a US citizen. He graduated from Chapel Hill High School in 2017.

Alec loved technology and his passion and profession was computer programming or ‘coding’. He enjoyed video games, cold weather, spending time with his cat Chico and the classic American meal of cheeseburgers, fries and coca cola..

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