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Cindy's podcast with Wise Skies Collective - A Voice From Heaven

Reconnecting with Alec and Tiffany:

Cindy Girman reconnects with her spiritual medium Tiffany Harelik on the Wise Skies podcast on Alec Girman's birthday. Roughly, four months after Alec passed Cindy started attending medium sessions. The sessions were eye-opening for Cindy. Through the sessions, Alec reconnected with his mother and suggested that Cindy should write a book about his life in the physical realm and journey in the afterlife. This led to Cindy co-writing 'A Voice from Heaven: From Earthly Struggles to Thriving in the Afterlife' with Alec.

How the book was written:

Roughly, a year after Alec passed Tiffany and Cindy started medium sessions together. Tiffany suggested that Cindy should get up every morning before dawn with a pen and paper consecutively for 6 weeks to connect with Alec until the book was finished. Cindy took this advice and used her spiritual connection with Alec to co-write the book in about 8 weeks. The clear separation of voices between Cindy and Alec is apparent throughout the book. Alec's wisdom helped guide his mother through very difficult times. Cindy now hopes to share Alec's teachings to help others that are in profound grief or that have a fear of dying. We invite you to listen to the podcast below to learn about Cindy and Alec's enlightenment from his journey in the afterlife.


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